Trojan Batteries are available to pick up at locations across the 48 states with free freight, plus a small pickup fee. Not every location stocks all the batteries we sell, but we can ship them on stock trucks from Trojan Battery to your chosen location at no cost to you. Smaller location may only receive trucks once or twice a month.
If you wish to have your batteries truck shipped (which will incur freight charges) to your location, due to US DOT and UN regulations, Lead Acid Batteries must be shipped by a Hazmat certified shipper and therefore cannot be returned. We will ship directly from Trojan’s factory by LTL freight. We can ship to a commercial location (the most economical way) or with extra freight cost, to some home addresses (delivery by truck may not always be possible to some residential locations).
We cannot ship to Post Office boxes or UPS stores as their employees are not certified to receive Hazmat shipments for you.

    Wet Cell

  1. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

  2. Industrial

  3. Battery Service Accessories

  4. Lithium (LiFePO4)

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