Talesun Energy

Talesun Energy

Founded in 2010, Talesun Solar Technologies mother company is Zhongli Group which counts 29 years of experience.  Talesun Solar Technologies is a worldwide leading manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells and modules of high quality. We are ranked in Tier 1 of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

2 Manufacturing plants: China & Thailand

160 affiliates
3633 employees worldwide 
Assets: 3,228 Billion USD
Gross Margin: 27.76 %
Net Margin: 6.44%
Zhongli Group: TOP 500 Chinese private companies
Cell Efficiency: 21%
Warranty: 25 years by Power Guard

Project Capacity: 3.5 GW

Financing Banks: Bank of America, Deutsche Bank; Citi Bank

Production Global Capacity: 2.8 GW (GigaWatt)

Cell capacity: Manufacture in China (1GW) - MAnufacture in Thailand (0.8 GW)
Module Capacity: Manufacture in China (2GW) - Manufacture in Thailand (0.8 GW)



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