REC Solar

REC Solar

REC Solar is now one of the more seasoned manufacturers of solar electric panels in the world today. We have been using them for years on a variety of renewable energy system types both large and small. REC has continually offered great customer service, and panels at an affordable price. They have gone out of their way for our customers whether it was for the replacement of a damaged panel during shipment, or pre-emptively when they had found an error in their product.

Many solar panel manufacturers will leave it up to the end-user to somehow “discover for themselves” that there is a manufacturing flaw. Not REC Solar. They are the only company that we know of, to actively track down each and every customer they suspected had been shipped solar panels with a flaw. They then shipped out new – perfect modules, paid for re-installation of new – unflawed – product, and shipped the old solar panels back to their location for inspection and to properly recycle them. This is corporate responsibility at its finest.

That was a few years ago. But we in the industry do not forget.

REC manufactures their silicon wafer solar cells in Oregon and assembles the full solar energy product in Singapore.

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