Off Grid

    Power companies will never stop trying to dissuade folks from going solar. Their lobbyists will keep banging away at legislatures with their agendas. The power companies have everyone on a LIFETIME PAYMENT PLAN and they don’t want to give it up.

    They will never have the public good at heart. Power companies in California cooked up the latest of a long list of urban legends and myths. The current flavor is “those awful people going solar are making electricity more expensive for the rest of us”. The “extra” charge mentioned in the article is part of this coordinated push to discredit solar.

    Currently the focus of residential solar is slowly shifting away from “Grid-Tied” systems that SUNRUN is trying to sell, because people are not stupid. They realize that if they have to ask permission for anything from the local power company, at any moment the rules could change. It will never be in the public's favor.

    Grid-Zero solar systems are an appliance that run your house “Off-Grid” while remaining hooked to the grid. So, if you ever need a little more energy than you can produce, the system very judiciously “buys” a little from the power company and then shuts them off.

    The advantages are many. First, your bill goes to near zero. Second, when there’s a power outage the electricity in your house stays on. Third, you don’t have to ask permission to do it. Fourth, the only cost is the equipment itself - there no fees, permits or engineering drawings required.

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