CSUN Solar

CSUN Solar

In the past CSUN Solar mostly supplied other module manufacturers with silicon cells. Today, CSUN has their own module production capacity of 1.2 Giga Watts and have sold over 1.4 Giga Watts worth of modules since entering the solar module market. – In case you are wondering how many solar panels are in 1.2-1.4 Giga Watts - that’s roughly between 4-5 million solar panels if they had a rating of 250 watt output.

CSUN Solar is a relatively new solar panel manufacturer with engineers that hold a world record for producing a 25% efficient solar cell. CSun is listed and traded on the NASDAQ-as a leading manufacturer of solar electric cells and modules. They are closely connected to their China based parent company China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG group).

CSUN is known for outstanding innovation and quality as they continually grow and add manufacturing facilities all over the world. They have been able to keep production costs low which helps to move the World towards a faster adoption of Solar/Renewable Energy as a viable and sustainable energy. They provide a cost competitive source of electricity – helping to maintain solar competitiveness with other more mainstream sources of energy.

In order to maintain excellent brand recognition and customer confidence, CSUN provides an extra insurance policy taken out on every solar panel to ensure that customers will always have a warranty, even if tragedy strikes and the company dissolves for any reason. This is a World-Wide, Power-Guard insurance policy that cannot be cancelled and is over and above their already stellar 10 year / 25 year standard power output warranty.

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