Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is one of the most popular solar panels sold in North America. As such, one can find their panels installed on farms, schools, hospitals, as well as many North American homes. They have always been extremely competitive in price which does explain some of why they are so widely used and installed, but also have a solidly made solar electric product.

Canadian Solar has been publicly listed on the NASDAQ since 2006, and they have sold nearly 30 million solar panels world-wide in the last 14 years. They hold 217 global patents and employ nearly 400 scientists, engineers, and technicians that work to improve their solar technologies.

A fun little detail highlighted on the Canadian Solar website we wanted to pass on – “Solar farms have … been shown to offer protection to rare species of birds, animals, plants and to foster biodiversity.” This is neat food for thought, because not only does the use of solar have a positive effect on greenhouse emissions, but also allows nature to work in tandem while we humans are producing our wonderful electricity.


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